Anne Harding Woodworth is the author of six books of poetry and four chapbooks. Her most recent book is The Eyes Have It (Turning Point Books, 2018) Her fourth chapbook, The Last Gun--in the voice of the last gun on earth--was published in April of 2016. An excerpt from it won the 2016 COG Poetry Award judged by A. Van Jordan. Harding Woodworth's poetry, essays, and reviews are published in literary journals, in the U.S. and abroad, in print and on line. Anne is co-chair of the Poetry Board at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., where she and her husband live when they are not at their cabin in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Books and Chapbooks
by Anne Harding Woodworth

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The Eyes Have It (Turning Point, 2018; amazon, Politics & Prose)
Unattached Male (Poetry Salzburg, 2014)
Artemis Sonnets, Etc. (Turning Point, 2011; amazon)
Spare Parts (Turning Point, 2008; amazon)
The Mushroom Papers (Northwoods Press, 2002)
Guide to Greece and Back (Lycabettus Press, 1978)

The Last Gun  (Cervena Barva Press, 2016)
Herding (Cervena Barva Press, 2014)
Up From the Root Cellar (Cervena Barva Press, 2006)
Aesops Eagles (Northwoods Press, 2001)


Unattached Male

                       Cover artwork by Steven Kenny

"In Unattached Male Anne Harding Woodworth 'plays her poetry as a virtuoso musician plays an instrument: with a crisp, authoritative, confident touch that never leaves the reader in doubt."                                                           Norman R. Shapiro

"What is at work here is compassion that states down the spectacle of pity, that moves through much quiet and unquiet suffering that affects the lives of men -- and women -- each day."                                      Baron Wormser



The Artemis Sonnets, Etc.

Photo Credit: Hal Looney

Photo Credit: Hal Looney

                              Cover photo by Hal Looney

"Here the ground is dappled and rich with mystery and meaning, intelligence and implication. At her best, alongside her keen ear and obvious talent, Harding Woodworth knows well how to make a poem sing and continue singing though the multiple levels of whatever refrain she traverses."
                                                     René Ashley

"Woven into this stunning book of poems is the quiet telling of a modern marriage which splits in tow while its teller, who is American becomes firmly wedded forever to its locale, which is Greece."                          Rod Jellema

The Eyes Have It

                                  Cover photo by Gayle Krughoff

"These are poems to wander slowly among, richly literate and quirkily human poems that invite you to contemplate sight and seeing in new and illuminating ways."
                                          Katherine E. Young

"Harding Woodworth is a superbly visual poet. No less sharp of ear than of eye. Hers is a penetrating free-verse gaze—not without a dash of rhyme now and again—onto the kaleidoscope chips of the 'real world’s' surface reality . . ."
                                           Norman R. Shapiro

 “How rare to find a thematically integrated collection that does not proceed by lockstep! In spare, graceful mostly-free-verse poems whose complexity derives from depth and range rather than from obscurity of expression, Harding Woodworth explores all kinds of seeing . . ." Rebecca Foust

“Anne Harding Woodworth has an eternal impulse to explore what she notices, to peer beneath and into it, to extrapolate from it."                                                Nancy Meneely